Birth Stories

The instant of birth is exquisite.
Pain and joy are one at this moment.
Ever after, the dim recollection is
so sweet that we speak to our children
with a gratitude they never understand.
— Madeline Tiger

At OmMama, we believe that birth is transformative, an everyday act that requires extraordinary courage, grace, and care. Over the years, our students have taught us repeatedly that pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent are experiences that empower us to become more than we thought we could be. For many women, telling the story of their birth is an important part of this transformation.

Writing down the story of your child’s birth will create a treasured memoir for your family. Sharing that story with others helps remove some of the mystery surrounding birth and shines light on the many ways birth takes place in our culture. Sharing our stories helps us transcend our fears and perceived limitations, and learn ways of working with the birth process. It also strengthens our capacity to do the hard physical, emotional, and spiritual work of birth, and helps remove the shame we sometimes feel when our births turn out differently than we had hoped. This is a profound form of service.

So we invite you to share your story with us. We welcome stories of home births, hospital births, cesarean births, water births, adoptive births, parking lot births, singleton, twin, and triplet births, births of healthy babies, births of challenged babies, births of stillborn babies, the story of your birth and how it transpired.

You may want to include the moments during your birth when you faced a fear or learned something significant about yourself and/or about life. What helped you move through the experience? What made you laugh, what made you cry? Is there something you “learned” that may help the next woman walking the path toward motherhood? These are just some of the ideas that may guide your storytelling.

Please email your story, accompanied by one to three pictures, to Fridays will generally be our birth stories day here at OmMama. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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