Althea Harlan

December 16, 2011

Hi Leslie, Althea Harlan R. was born Tuesday October 9th at 7:50 pm. I almost made it to class that night, but instead decided to have a baby. Tuesday morning began with a visit to my midwife. I was 41 + 3 days, 4cm dilated, 80% effaced and the baby was back to 0 station […]

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Johanna Faith and Charlotte Grace

October 17, 2010

My birth story… I guess the story begins with my first pregnancy and the birth of my daughter.  It was not until my third trimester that I realized that if possible, I wanted as little intervention as possible during the labor and birth.  After a discussion with my OB at the time (38 weeks), I […]

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Duncan Creed

May 23, 2010

My husband and I welcomed our son Duncan into the world Sunday, May 23, and I wanted to share our birth story with you.  I started having contractions on Duncan’s due date, Saturday, May 22, but they were very mild and irregular until late that evening.  By 9 p.m., contractions were 12 minutes apart so […]

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