Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training: Austin, 2011

“This was such a great introduction to Pre/Postnatal yoga and I would definitely recommend it! The enthusiasm of the teacher and the way the material was presented really made me interested in pursuing these types of studies further.” — Alice Chapman, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 2011, Austin

“The training helped me to see how my own varying birth stories, my love of technical knowledge, and experience with many yoga styles could play out really well in a prenatal yoga class. In other words, Leslie and this course gave me the confidence to do what I already do. Thank you.” — Melissa Burton, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 2011, Las Vegas

“I have already recommended this training to all my yoga teaching friends. I particularly liked that this training was not a “branded product” but a true training in pre and post natal yoga as beneficial to labor, delivery, and recovery…allowing us to follow our inner wisdom as yoga teachers to customize yoga to fit the needs of the students in the room on any given day.” — Stacy (Shakti) Oliver-Skaggs, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 2009, Austin

“This training was great, and such a powerful experience on a personal and professional level! Like the birth of a new baby/family, I felt an incredible awakening and connection. Thank you Leslie, for sharing your great wisdom and gentle spirit.” — Sheryl (Sunshine) Haynes, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 2009, Austin

“A little over a week ago, I had the great pleasure of attending the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, facilitated by Leslie Lytle. . . (read full article)” — Fanny Priest

“A truly heartfelt sharing and instruction to teaching prenatal yoga. I feel as if I have been given the tools to be able to start teaching prenatal and for continuing to learn about birth, prenatal and postpartum yoga. Thank you! —Vickie Christian, Yoga Instructor

“This exceeded my expectations. I was unsure how this would be considering I’m not yet a yoga instructor, yet I felt welcomed encouraged, stretched, and embraced throughout. Leslie is an exceptional teacher with a treasure trove of knowledge that is quite amazing. I appreciate her love for yoga and her deep caring for all of us.” — Patricia Kinser, Nurse Practitioner

“I attended wanting to gain knowledge for my prenatal students, and ended up gaining knowledge about myself! Thank you for a very inspiring and empowering experience.” — Meichelle Norwood, Yoga Instructor

“The prenatal teacher training was a lot more than I expected and I got so much out of it. The choice of textbooks was excellent and the manual was also very helpful. I am very grateful for Leslie’s knowledge and expertise in the area of perinatal yoga and loved the nurturing, honest approach in addressing various aspects of pregnancy and also dealing with loss. Leslie brought out the best in all of us by creating a safe place to learn from each other and share. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of the prenatal teacher training. Thank you.” — Selena Pang, Yoga Instructor

“It exceeded my expectations by delving into the physiology and politics of pregnancy and childbirth and providing a larger context for teaching and addressing the interests and concerns of pregnant women.” — Yvonne Herbst, Yoga Instructor